Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chico's without a home again!

Chico has been banned from the Opera Community, let's keep the updates here. I will try to keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

man thats gotta suck bad
all that work
id be pullen my hair out
please chico find a good safe home
maybe a home server isnt a bad choice i pay for my site it seems to be safe

Good Luck
Static Hound

Anonymous said...

o ya
who took his other site

Ronaldo De said...

Chico it is a really bad notice, I hope you return Asap with all your good taste. Only gems You share with us. Please also keep us informed about any news.
Good luck.
Ronaldo from Brazil.

Jagged said...


Why does it always happen to the good ones?

I'm terriably sorry for your troubles Chico.

Don't let "the man" get you down.

Hoping to see you back soon.
Carry on soldier.


Ron said...

Damn, damn, damn. I check out your site everyday! Hope you find a new home soon...

kgraham3000 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kaarg said...

No question, your posts are top notch and I'm sorry to see your site down again. Hope to see you up again soon, Chico. I appreciate the time you've put into this. Kaarg.

Maurizio said...

good luck, he's great, we want him back

Lubin said...

It is very bad news for all of us.Your blog is really excellent.I discovered a lot of forgotten gems of rock music 70'years thanks your blog.I hope you will find a new safe home again soon.Can we all any help you?

Scion said...

Here's an idea,
how about NOT posting his
forthcoming new homepage here?

All of ya'll need to realize he's been TARGETED.

It's just going to happen over and over again. Posting his new site here will just lead the deleters right to him!!!!!!!!!


I know it's a pain but trust me those that have gone private have had zero troubles since.

wajorama said...

This is really sad news ... I hope Chico would find the energy to go on after all this!

Maybe Scion is right and the solution is to go private (or go "eastern european" as Sakalli did).

By the way: does anybody knows what happened to:

(That is the "other place" where Chico could be found, but since yesterday I cannot connect to that site either!)

Hope to hear from Chico soon!

Marcelo said...

I can only imagine how Chico must be frustrated.You have all my respect and sympathy,man.
Despite everything,I wish you a Happy Easter,a rebirth celebration.

rick said...

Chico, so sorry you get all this crap man. Your blog really is one of the best. Hope you find a permanent home soon.

Gunboy 3 said...

Looking forward to seeing you out there soon. I got many a good DL from you.

Andrew said...

See whats Sakalli do it.

Doug said...

Real bad news Chico, sorry you're going through this hassle.

Keep it real, good luck

marco said...

I'm sorry for this. I'm agree with Andrew: it's better you do in the same way of Sakalli.
Good Luck Chico and see you soon!

espirit said...

Welcom Chico! I'm Sorry, many lost music, and your work.I'wait here again Yours albums.

smokenman said...

Damn! I go away for a couple days and when I come back I find the ass raping butt pirates snuck in and screwed us out of another great site. What a bummer. I hope you get up on the horse again though because we all love ya.

Miles said...


i'm sorry to learn of your hassles. going private may be the solution for you. whatever you decide, thanks for the many past posts and good luck.

merlin666 said...

Looks like sakalli just got the boot as well. These guys are the real heroes of the net! Thanks and keep it up.

lazy said...

try this one: