Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Floodlitfootprint is back!

I received a message from Chico and he asked me to tell you all that he is back!
Please visit: for the new blog!

Thanks Chico, from all your readers!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hello reader:

Well first of all I am as shocked as everybody else is, I loved and read this blog more than any other visitor here, and when I found this blog the way that I did, I just couldn't believe it, still can't, however some people on the comments have called me a "hijacker" and are accusing me of stealing this blog and using it to get more traffic, and that is a lie or perhaps only someone misinterpreted my actions.

My intentions of acquiring and registering this name were to prevent anyone from taking this domain name and making bad use out of it, I want to save it for Chico in case he didn't do it on purpose and here is his name, I will simply hand it to him, that's what I want the most, we lost another great blog earlier this month, I don't want two losses in the same month.

However also another purpose of taking this name is because I want to hear from Chico himself what happened and what went wrong, and if it is dead, then so be it.

Please do not accuse me or think I did this to Chico or to any of you, I want the blog to be back and better than ever, my name is Mookie and I also ran another second tier successful blog in however i deleted the name for a couple of days and somebody stole it, so I couldn't post there anymore, don't take this the wrong way, let's hope floodlitfootpring returns tomorrow as strong as ever!
After I finished my day today, I came back home, turned on the PC and came to look for my favorite blog on the net, turns out it was gone, I am in absolute schock!

Why is it gone? I don't know, but I'm here to find out, I immediatly registered the name, and I want to know if Chico wants it back, because I will give it to him, that's why I saved it for him.

If anyone has news, please post them on the comments, if the blog is dead, I will try to do my best to resurrect it with music I upload myself.


Thank you.
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